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Benefits of membership

  • Newsletters.
  • Annual report.
  • Priority listing on the helpline listing.
  • Opportunity to place materials on the Website, following relevant materials protocols.
  • Password access to the members' only section on the website.
  • Use of the materials posted on to the members only section of the website, dependent on their usage protocol (e.g. reference only, can be reproduced with permission from the user or can be used freely).
  • National  directory (in map or other form).
  • Access to Nationall member conferences.
  • Access to the Samaritans (UK & ROI) Annual Conference, and other members' relevant national and regional conferences.
  • Access to experienced trainers.
  • Opportunity to be twinned with other member centres, to participate in exchange visits and to have access to the bursary scheme.
  • Collaborative partnerships across the network, and on a centre to centre basis.
  • Formal and informal networking.
  • Credibility of belonging to a recognised national  network.
  • Certificate of membership.
  • Use of the Befrienders India logo.